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Neon CCM offers secure, cloud-based solutions for tracking client information, outcome reporting, and so much more.

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Your tech should be easy to manage. That’s why we tailor our system to match how your team works, from the language you use to the processes that get things done. 


Say goodbye to paper notes and spreadsheets. Neon CCM’s cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere for case managers on the go.


With optional HIPAA compliance and multiple security levels, you’ll never risk client data exposure, keeping sensitive information in the right hands at all times.  


Software that works the way you do

Our team will work with you to build a system tailored to the specific needs and mission, so you can focus on the people you serve. 

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Custom Fields

This comprehensive system will help your team manage case notes, referrals, track attendance, surveys, activities, and everything in between.

Administrative Functionality

Keep your staff up to speed with automated email alerts that send summary data at set times.

Easy Reporting

Run, export & organize unlimited custom reports with personalized support from our project management team.  If you’re tracking it, you can report on it. 

Support & Training

Enjoy custom onboarding resources that make migrating into your new system a breeze.

With Neon CCM, we’ve been able to quantify the simplicity and complexity of what we do. Simplicity in that we almost always counsel guests, or help them apply for things, refer them for things, obtain things. Complexity in that those things could be about shelters, housing, training, employment, and much more. The system allows us to capture that information in a way that is easy for our staff to upload.”

TC Shillingford

Broad Street Ministry

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Partnership 4 Kids

Better insights for better outcome tracking

Streamline information collection and reporting so you can spend more time with the people you serve and less time pulling data.

Get Better Insights

Quick Insights

Keep an eye on what matters most with a custom configured dashboard that can display staff caseload, reminders and alerts, and more. 

Activity Notifications

Stay on top of client and case activity with automated system alerts and user-created reminders.

Surveys & Assessments

Create and distribute unlimited custom surveys unique to your organization’s participants, clients, and staff.

Unlimited Users & Records

Add users and contacts as your organization grows at no additional cost. 


Built-in data security for added confidence

Keep sensitive information in the right hands with multiple system security levels and optional HIPAA compliance.

Secure Your Data

Secure Access Levels

Keep sensitive information available to only those who have permission to access it using unlimited custom user groups.

HIPAA Compliance

We offer optional HIPAA compliance for organizations handling sensitive medical information. 


Our cloud-based software is designed to support on-the-go caseworkers, and can be accessed from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 

Daily Back-Ups 

Your data is safe with us. We run daily data back-ups on the industry’s most reliable web server for maximum protection.  

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